Better identity theft and credit protection has arrived. Specially created for AARP members like you!
Get over a dozen protections for your personal information, financial accounts, privacy, and online reputation.
Identity Theft Protection Features & Benefits:
  • TrustedID Protection Specialists Provide friendly expertise and identity restoration services as well as answers to your questions.
  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring, Report and Scores Full credit protection continuously monitors your credit for new activity or changes.
  • Court Records Monitoring Helps ensure accuracy and appropriate usage of your personal information.
  • Social Security Number Scanning Searches online data trading hubs for your personal information to identify increased identity theft risks.
  • Tax Identity Theft Impact Protection Identifies if someone has wrongfully used your information to file taxes.
  • Lost Wallet Protection Offers a secure virtual vault for information you keep in your wallet if lost or stolen.
  • Social Network Monitor Avoid negative Facebook or LinkedIn content and maintain your profile privacy.
  • And much more!
Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why is AARP® Identity Theft Protection
from TrustedID® different from other services?
Identity theft impacts roughly 1 in 4 American families every year. AARP Identity and Credit Protection from TrustedID is designed and priced exclusively for AARP members. The 12+ protection features help protect your entire identity—which includes your credit information, personal information, financial accounts, online reputation and privacy. You can choose from both annual/monthly as well as individual/family plans.
2. Why are 50+ Americans at an elevated risk for identity theft?
3. What is 3-bureau credit monitoring service, and why is it important?
4. What is Social Network Monitor, and why should I use it?
5. What are some precautions I can take right now to help prevent identity theft?
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Family annual plan1 17% savings over family monthly plan.
After FREE 14-DAYS, Only $25 per month
Billed in one annual installment of $300
Family monthly plan After FREE 14-DAYS, Only $29.99 per month
Billed monthly at $29.99
Individual annual plan2 17% savings over individual monthly plan.
After FREE 14-DAYS, Only $14.17 per month
Billed in one annual installment of $170
Individual monthly plan After FREE 14-DAYS, Only $16.99 per month
Billed monthly at $16.99
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Identity Thief Stopped Cold by TrustedID
Thank goodness I signed up for TrustedID when I did. A few days after getting protected, someone else tried to open a credit card in my name, but thanks to TrustedID I was able to stop the thief. You never know when this crime is going to happen to you. Thank you so much TrustedID for watching my back. - Vanessa B., TrustedID Customer